What is your name ?

When we are asked our name, we automatically respond by saying our given name, or a short version of our name. We forget, that our name actually has a meaning. Something is called out to us. We use our name as a verbal signature and respond to it accordingly.

As the years go by we travel through different aspects of our relationship with our name.

We either like it or we don’t, we think it fits us or we think it doesn’t, we might even prefer a different name for a while.

We go through all or at least some of these stages on our journey finding our personal identity.

Everything that shall ever be, we shall name. By speaking words, we breathe life into our thoughts. Our parents breathed life into our name, the name we chose for this journey.

A name is a combination of different sounds that have important meaning. All of our life, we respond to these sounds. What are we responding to?

What does it mean and why do we respond to that particular name?

What within us wants to be awaken by it?

Our name has an important task. It is like a bell, reminding us of something every time we hear it. In fact, it is there to remind us of who we are, where we are going and with what qualities to connect with. Our name gives us valuable information about our lives.

It is most important to know the meaning of our name. It is a transporter for our higher self. In our culture, we keep our name our whole life, although some people prefer to go by their soul’s name instead. In some dimensions this in fact is very common. In the dimension of the elves for instance, you can only enter by using our soul’s name. Also to travel within the etheric realms, one can travel much further with ones soul’s name.

However, here on earth we are meant to live according to the frequency of the name we have chosen to live by and we must connect with its meaning. So search for the meaning of your name!

Even if you were given the name of a grandparent, so not to upset anyone, then this is the name you were meant to have.

Search for its meaning and you will find what it is you have come here to do.

Let your name be called out to you and consciously connect with it and receive clarity.

Pronounce your own name a few times and move your hands to the sound.

Take your time and see what form your hands create.

Does this remind you of anything?

Which connection does it have with the meaning of your name?

What is it you discover ? Ask yourself what it is you really want to be.

Let them call you by your name and become conscious of the daily wake up call.

Be yourself and see what presents itself to you in your life.

(Translation by Annebel Klijmeij-van Oort, New Zealand)

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