The Flight of the Falcon

At the beginning of each new cycle, each new year, I take a look in which direction the energy will go and what lies ahead. With the help of astrology and my communication with Mother Earth, this is normally easy to do. 

There is no longer a thirst for knowledge in the old way.

Confidence in our own observation is big enough. Everything we need is available from the Universe and our telepathic abilities are expanding every day.

During the 12 Holy Nights (from December 25 to January 6) we received information about the new cycle. In line with our way of perceiving this spiritual food – it is offered to us, so we are fed and prepared.

I feel a strong association with birds – most of all the falcon. The falcon is very quick and mobile. He has sharp and clear vision from high above and is able to ‘hover’ in flight when observing the earth below him. I love to observe birds; the way they use thermals to accent silently. I can observe them forever.

As the birds are carried, so we too are carried if we use the warmth and energy of love in ourselves we can enjoy a magnificent view! This love energy – this divine breath – I want to feel under my wings as I spread them confident and glide.

I leave my busy life, my habits to set out new lines, making plans and just letting go. Suddenly I begin to notice the change of my position and of my perceiving. There is an indescribable peace in me – an inner peace – this new awareness moves me. I do not think about the things to come, I just enjoy this moment. The flight, which is most important of all.

There are so many, countless positions of looking at things and every time the perception of the viewer is good.

Everyone is right from their point of view. Is it not fantastic if we can see things like that?
If we can recognize the point of view of other people, and they ours too ? Is that not the true spiritual conception that we need for further development.

From this level of consciousness, logic begins to disappear. On the one hand we think that it is logical that everyone has his own truth; on the other hand is seams completely illogical that we are not able to frame it.

Sometimes it simply hurts a little to admit that our head is too small to be able to contain everything. To continue from this ‘higher’ consciousness, we need our intuition. The sooner we realize this, the better for our development.

Intuition is the language of our hearts – our divine essence – the language of our Higher Self. And of course we can trust it – we have to trust because it is our inner divine essence. Intuition is our true self. There is no longer judgement – only love, light and endless freedom.

In this area I glide like a falcon, not knowing where the divine energy will take me.

Awaken and alert I observe what it reveals to me. And I know exactly where and when I need to land. I am guided.

And this knowing is simultaneously present at every moment of observation. I don’t have to worry and can enjoy life. That is the intention – the intuition.

Our life is built on our actions, our doing. Shaped by the steps we make and the steps we take. The longer we wait to plan completely, accuratly and precisely, the less we act – the less we do. The spiritual food comes to us during our actions. Not during our consultations, where there is only the spark.

If we only think and make plans, but do nothing to fulfil them, then we miss the train that comes only when we are ourselves in action. If we do not proceed to act and just wait and discuss, nothing will happen. There will be no change in our lives.

If we do not stand up and walk, we will never know what is around the next corner on our path. That is why it’s so important just to start somewhere. Start anywhere. And that “somewhere” is mostly just in front of us. It is so close to us that we almost trip over it. That is mostly because we do not recognize the conjunction, that we let it rest.

Trust in life and rest ensures that only the things which will enable you to grow cross your path. You’ll never be able to walk backwards!

Start now with that which you see first. That which wants to be done now – and fly. Let yourself be carried by the warmth of the energy of love. Only then you can reach the next station as it is revealed to you. Have faith in your own perception, have courage and spread your wings. Take part with in this beautiful flight.

We must now continue with our intuition, otherwise there will be no more development. This is the understanding that is revealed to us this year 2008, to anybody and in such a way that can actually be understand!

In this context I would like to bring a reading of Xel Ian Lungold’s to your attention. He is no longer among us but his words still reach the heart directly.

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