I am the Pilot

This is now a time in which we will further awake at our place in the net of light and obtain our activation. It is a time in which our consciousness, our presence in the here and now, merge more and more with our being. This text comes from the Hopi Indians, and I love it. It has never fit anywhere in time better than now.

“To my fellow swimmers:
There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift, that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore, they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our heads above water.
And I say see who is there with you and celebrate. At this time in history,we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves, for the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt. The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves.
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we have been waiting for.”


Most likely, our future, our awakening and activation will be different and express itself in a different manner than we imagine.

It is important that we let go of the shore, let go of our old way of thinking and push off to the middle of the river, be in the midst of our being.

Also let the pleasant memories go, the ones which you mentally play over and over again. Let them go and dissolve in the river of life. Give life a change to provide you with new things.

Forgive, for-give your father’s disability, give him back the energy field that does not belong to you, let it go, and be thankful. Embrace your mother and thank her for the care she has taken so you can be here. Clean the area of the patterns from your parents and then step into your own space ship, where you’re the pilot.

The cockpit represents the consciousness

We are in a transition, there’s a change about to take place in our cockpit. Now. The cockpit represents our consciousness in the here and now. We are about to change from the autopilot to manual flight, being fully responsible for the plane.

What an adventure we are going to have! Sit up, observe, feel and stop making considerations. Just be present and see what the moment will bring to you. No more majors planning, the plans have already been made. It is easy, get in, immerse into life and be present.

Feel what life wants you to feel. Make decisions from the heart just at the moment they are required, not previously. Perceive the abundance that is here and enjoy the new, the still unknown and accept whatever comes your way.

Life knows such a great fullness when you take part in it with your whole being, your complete attention. You will realize that time does no longer exist here. Time is somewhere on the edge, it remained on the shore. A day is so unbelievably long, full, vivid, with all you perceive and it is no longer measurable in time.

I am the pilot

I am the Pilot
Your seat now !

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot and bring my light in accordance with the higher power, into this world. But inside of me is also a part that tries to dissuade me from that.

This part wants to sit in the pilot seat itself; this is my head, my ego, my many patterns of behaviour. It is the part of me that thinks it knows how everything should go; it always stands next to me with the organizational scheme telling me that I must hurry.

It tries to frighten me in every possible way I can imagine, it tries to make me feel bad, make me feel like I am still not good enough and that what I do could be done better.

Under given circumstances it certainly has a right of existence but now I want to use it differently and continue my life peacefully and in harmony with all my inner parts.

Seductive attempts are unsuccessful

Of course, my head does not welcome this new place, it assumed at least to be sitting next to me. It lets me know through my mind that its place and task is deadly dull and boring to it. Much rather, it wants to know what I am doing.

It loves excitement, making calculations, comparing, analyzing, checking who said what and why, think through what was said, what someone maybe was going to say or could have meant and how it should have run, or could have run and so on.

Oh yes, these are the typical mindgames which makes it happy, keeps it busy and important while telling me that this is real life. It has tricked me with these stories for so long and now I recognize the diversion. I do not react, because I know that the mind is very strong and smart and tries to rock me back into sleep in every possible way. It would do anything to get into the chair in front.

All of its seductive attempts are unsuccessful, because I have drawn my full attention to my presence in the here and now; this is the real main street and not the back alley. The more I hold my attention in the here and now, the sooner my inner holy war comes to a halt. Even the smallest grease spots will thereby be cleansed. I guess it would be a shame to slip on one of these small greasy spots while flying.


To actually stay awake, I take time every day to be quiet and listen to my inner voice. Each time I do this I get what need in that moment. The next sentences came to me in this way and they help me to remain in the Here and Now.

1) I want to be here, I want to live here.
The decision to be and to live here must be made entirely independent of someone or something outside ourselves. I want to live an participate in life, regardless of what others want.

2) I have the right to be completely happy.
Happiness is not something I have to deserve. Happiness is my normal state of being and it belongs to me since my first day. Happiness is a birthright, just as the freedom of choice.

3) I shape my life according to my own desires.
From deep inside me, I let my ideas and desires flow freely to the outside. I let them take the form of my thoughts, whatever I think, I create.

4) I do the things that are mine to do with all my heart.
I do the things I love doing and these things are what I desire to show the world. I am committed to doing this, these are like my spiritual children. I do not give up at the first stumbling block, but I slow down and be more cautious and orientate better to the signs that show me the path.

5) I want to help build at the cosmic plan.
Inside of me flows an enormous and powerful force that wants to work on this planet, that wants to be involved in the grand scheme, that wants to weave my colours into the carpet of life. I will use the power and I will not be used by it.

6) I may enjoy life on earth to its fullest.
For this I don’t have to work hard to show that I am worthy. I may simply receive and enjoy everything because I am present here. Whatever is on my path, is mine. It is a gift from the earth and I show my gratitude by enjoying it.

7) I belong to the grid of light.
In my being, I know that. Now it is important to put my light on my given gear and stop testing myself if I am worthy.

8) I am worth loving.
I need not take any exams to show people who I am. It is not necessary to hurt myself, and to assume suffering belongs to me and raises me in some way. I am a wonderful creation of light and may thus be seen and treated.

9) We can do great things.
Our willpower is extremely strong and we can do everything with it. Every time we say we want something, we push the accelerator in and this does not go unnoticed. Because our willpower is the engine that brings thoughts into the materiel substance, and it is important to know, which part of us pushes the accelerator.

You are Love and Light

Simply take the pilot seat in your cockpit and stay calm with your full attention. There are no instructions, and there is no manual so stop looking for one. Your head has no access and can not exist here, therefore it can’t help you. Your head has a different task, so release all thoughts about security and safety. Otherwise you will be torn apart and suffer greatly. The river knows his destination, and so does your heart. Let it guide you and be confident.

Trust consciousness in the present moment, which is the key for finally flying again. You are light and love, sprung from the great fountain. You are here to further develop your being. Do not ask how to do that, just stay in the space where you feel freedom, enjoy life and listen to your quiet, inner voice. Trust that all is well.

Stop with self-doubt

The worst poison we have is self-doubt. It is the soil for self pity and self-pity opens not only the windows but also the doors to any unwanted, unwelcome entity that attaches to our system. Close these openings once and for all. You do not need anyone whispering anything into your ear! You are a bright light that was created by the supreme love force.

The connection to the creator is already in you, it is always flowing through you. It is the large, sublime creative energy with which we collectively  express our creativity, and it is known as ‘kundalini energy’. The entrance to it is in our hearts, nowhere else!

We are here to shine

We are here to form a bridge between heaven and earth. We are here to create light, first within ourselves, so that we can see where we are and how beautiful we are.

We are a copy of the Divine – angels who, under the holy name, wants to work on the earth.To work means to trust the development of our being, no more struggling, no more fighting.

We experience what must be done in a sacred manner and we celebrate it.
There is nothing to be afraid of or to be ashamed of, nothing.

We get everything we need, because eternity belongs to us.

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