There is silence as we say no more and there is another silence as we let go and relax our mind and be quiet. From the outside both look the same but there is a fundamental difference between the two.

Before we say anything an exchange take place on another level. All those many thoughts that precede a choice of words are very powerful and picked up very well by other people.

That is why it is so important that our thoughts match the words we choose.

When we use the wrong words we blur the communication field and we are no longer understood properly. The other one picks up a different impulse than the word we associate with them.

Finally, our communication is not nutritious and very unsatisfying but also becomes a never ending quest.

Thoughts come alive with our breath

When we talk we blow our breath into our thoughts and bring them to life. The energy of the thought is in a beautiful robe that describes its content. By talking we send it into the world where it tries to find similar thoughts.

Similar thoughts always connect with each other and opposite thoughts always reject each other.

For a healthy and nurturing exchange there must be a harmony between thoughts and the words we use for them. What we say must be authentic to what we think. The word itself is only the packaging, the shape, the transportation of energy to the earth.

Everything you say must be true but not everything which is true you have to say !

Breathing is thinking

Our real exchange is non-verbal and not earthy. Everything we think is linked into a large mental field and everyone of us is constantly exchanging with it.

This is synchronized with our breathing and is as essential as this. Attention therefore needs tot be a balance between thinking and talking.

Just thinking and saying nothing, is not very social. And just talking without really listening either. It is the balance of both.

The other silence

In this balance lives another silence. It could also be called emptiness or nothing. The silence here has nothing to do with thoughts. They can not come here. There is freedom from thought, structure and conditioning. There is nothing and maybe that’s the reason why we do not like it and why we do not pay any attention to it.

In this silence is another kind of exchange. In it lies the gateway to wisdom and if we focus our attention on this silence, we will realize the gateway is open to anyone who becomes aware of it.

In doing so, we can receive and meet the all knowing and loving voice, that like a gentle breeze, comes towards us.

When you do recognize it you will note that it is present in you before any thought arises and it let you know everything that is important for you to know at this moment.

This is called our intuition, the exchange with our Higher Self, the Universe or God.

Our breath contains the ‘pneuma hagion’, the Holy Breath or Holy Spirit. This is the most precious and most nourishing part of a breath. From it we receive everything we need, always at the right time, place and sequence.

When you breath deeply you feel that you are connection with something more than just oxygen.

My mind is quiet

The skill is to come into balance in a simple and easy way and there are quite a lot of exercises for this. Learning to meditate is all about this. What always helps me personally, to calm down the inner sounds is to repeat the following sentence: My mind is quiet.

Nature is also a wonderful teacher. One day as I was walking through the forest, my feet suddenly frozen to the ground, I could not move because they were as heavy as lead. So I stayed there ending my internal debate and listened. There was no sound of birds, no rustling, just nothing.

While it clearly came to me to just stand quietly and listen I still tried to break the peace with my willpower, after all I’m in charge. But it felt wrong so I did nothing.

How many times have I done this ? How many times have I taken the sword and sliced through the silence ? What have I gained from doing this ? Perhaps I have gained more experience, but the lessons I was meant to learn didn’t become less.

Fixed into nature I stood in the middle of the path in the woods and surrendered to what wanted to reveal itself. Peace came to me, the trees seemed to become bigger and stronger and the colours richer and more powerful. I felt very small and salvaged and incorporated into a field that was waiting for me.

The ultimate exchange

This silence is something very special.

If you can be silent among like minded people the power within yourself will be strongly stimulated and there will be an ultimate exchange of energy.

This will make you more confident, stronger and braver to show your true self.

Be quiet and listen within, connect with your heart and know that you will perceive everything which is really important and encourages you in our development.
Do not look for additional information about things; rather leave them to come to you.

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