I have always found the labyrinth most fascinating and a long time ago I was fortunate enough to come into contact with Martha Baarda and  one day I took part in one of her inspiring workshops. After exploring the deeper meaning of the symbol of the classical labyrinth, we all individually walked the beautifully laid out labyrinth she had in her garden.

It’s an unique experience

Labyrinth walking is an unique experience, something that is difficult to be compared to anything else.

I spontaneously have to think of the experience of driving your car through the car wash, but the picture itself does not come near to the loving gentleness of the energy in the labyrinth.

I started my walk through the labyrinth. One is not meant to systematically go from the outer circle to the inner one and from there to the centre. On the contrary. One is meant to start near the middle ring and proceed from there by following the path.

It’s like in life when one just starts something and follows the path to see where it leads. It is not necessary to think about where you need to go within the labyrinth. The path is already mapped out and you just need to follow it.

My mind is quiet

At one point during my journey through the labyrinth, I focused on quieting down the mind. Although it took some effort to achieve this, I realized that as soon as the mind was quiet, the questions I had posed prior to starting my journey were gently being answered inside of me.

Suddenly I had an epiphany! All I was doing was walking a set out path and all the pieces started falling into place.

What a joyous moment! Yes, now I understood the meaning of the labyrinth: it is a conversation with your divine essence while you follow you life’s path. What else could anyone wish for ?

I had one more round before I landed in the centre, I thought, where I would be able to relax and enjoy the fact that I had reached my goal. Than suddenly something very strange happened. I realized that instead of moving towards the centre, I was getting further away from it. Something was wrong here. I investigated the path with my eyes, but found nothing wrong.

When you think that you lose control

There I was, in the middle of the labyrinth, in the middle of my life as it were, and suddenly the road had taken an unexpected turn.

I literally found myself where I didn’t want to be. Pearls of sweat rolled down my forehead and I had to gasp for air.

I realized that this was a classical inner stress situation, where the mind was about to take over. It is in these situations, where we would practically do anything to explain the situation we are in to ourselves; to define our state of being and respond in a calculated manner, to restore control.

Unfortunately this is not the way it works in the labyrinth. I had to face reality. With every step I was moving further and further way from the centre. My mind went completely haywire, and I was ready to quit. My god, where was I and what was I doing here, I asked myself. I slowly began to calm down and was forced to let go of my mind … again.

Letting go is the key

The truth is that the labyrinth is systematically arranged on the ground and there are no crossroads where I could have chosen to change my path. There was no way to walk it differently from what I had done; this was the only way for me to walk it. And now I was only able to proceed if I surrendered to the path.

I had to walk with more confidence. I had to trust that everything was going to be okay even though I did not understand it anymore. I had to let myself be lead from the inside. I had to trust, that everything I would need was going to be revealed to me at the right time, place and sequence. There was nothing else left for me to do but to continue along my path.

I started walking quieter and smoother than I had before. It did not matter anymore what direction the road went, I trusted that it was going to be exactly as it was meant to be. Worrying was not going to help me, rather, it was going to blur my vision, my life. I chose to move on quietly, sometimes calm, sometimes talking with my inner being. Exactly the way I did before I came to my inner crossroad.

I am carried

I made the decision, that from now on I would feel more confident about my life, just walking my path. When I finally reached the centre of the labyrinth, I felt inspired.

Rest. Silence. What an experience I had.

After a while I turned back and on my way out of the labyrinth. I felt lighter, happier and full of confidence in the Divine. I realized, that I had mapped out my life before I came to earth.

Now I was just materializing what I had mapped out for myself, by walking the path. The only choice I really had, was to choose to either walk my own path or not to do so.

A cleansing ritual

Walking the labyrinth, is a huge clean up to our chakra system, to our energy field. It is a mystical experience in a very special energy field, which is arranged on the ground in a certain way. I wish everyone could experience walking the labyrinth.

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