Astrology is one of the great wisdoms, like the cabbala or the tarot.

With the help of astrology we can become more aware of ourself.

We work with a horoscope, which literally means, ‘looking into the hour’. Place, time and date of birth need to be provided to obtain a personal horoscope.

Elements, the astrological foundation

The astrological foundation is based on the four elements, earth, water, air and fire. To each element we relate 3 zodiac signs and so the 12 signs emerge.
These 12 zodiac signs form the human potential that each of us have to our disposal no matter what sign we are.

Planets, our sub-personalitys

The planets are also very important because they are regarded as basic life-forces or sub-personality. These planetary forces take on different forms, depending on their zodiac position.

House system, the existence on earth

The most earthy system in Astrology is the house system. This system is a configuration of the existence on earth, divided into 12 houses. Each different part deals with a different aspect of our life. The placement of the planets and signs in the various houses further describes our astrological profile.

The freedom of choice gets enhances.

The key of the universe is balance. Assuming that we live in an unconscious state, which I like to compare with an existence by autopilot, we should become aware and get into the conscious state. I split up the astrological systems in this two forms, the unconscious and the conscious stat, so it’s much easier to recognize where we are.

Astrology has no need to convince anyone or prove anything. It is simply a tool to obtain perspective and clarity as well as insight into the inner working of our self. Creating room within brings understanding. Astrology doesn’t remove our freedom of choice it enhances it. Free will is our birth right.

An assumption is often made, that a human being is its horoscope. Naturally this is a mistake. A human being is much bigger and much more than its horoscope. The horoscope is comparable with a piece of clothing, like a coat, which one wears in this incarnation. Self chosen or received as karma that al depends on the entity who wears it.

As far as the being concerned, we can not make a big statement for it is to complex and to versatile and accessible to that person only. What Astrology can do is, help the person understand their entity.

Vertical thinking is the translation of the horoscoop

To prove Astrology in the common way is nonsense. It can’t be measured nor analysed. The statistics give no information about the human being because they are made in linear time and space. Astrology does not operate in linear time and space; admittedly it begins there by calculating the horoscope but then leaves this field very quickly. T

The translation from the three overlay systems, the interpretation of a horoscope, can only be done by vertical thinking.

Vertical thinking deals with time spirals and works with synchronicity. The personal experience for this kind of thinking is necessary. We need to use our own perceptions and intuition to work with these time spirals.

Astrology operates mostly in the vertical axis of thinking and therefore it cannot and must not be seen as static. And this means that it always is outside the common way of proving it.

The cosmic order in Astrology

About 30 years ago, I started trotting through the astrological maze and found that I was missing a certain order. It was difficult and I often thought that it was possible to say almost anything about a horoscope. It felt like gum that could stretch into any direction.

Trusting my intuition I searched for a deeper inside, a deeper understanding. One day I sketched the elements as geometric figures (sphere, triangle, rectangle) and suddenly understood the deeper meaning of astrology that was always there, but not discovered.

Through the geometrical figures, I understood the cosmic order in Astrology.

In simplicity lies the deepest meaning and life is the best school with intuition as a teacher.

Within us lies a tremendous potential

What I have found is a simple translation of this great wisdom in which the true core of Astrology becomes understandable for the human mind. In my courses and lectures, I try to pass on my knowledge so everyone can see what a tremendous potential awaits within us which needs to be discovered.

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