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Child Birth

With one leg I am still in the old part, connected with my old consciousness, and with the other leg I am already in the new consciousness, where my involvement with it gets clearer and clearer. Within this new consciousness is where I am supposed to be.

The path which rises directly from my heart is where I must be, from here my true essence can be completely unfolded so I can do what I came here for.

Yet I am still not totally free from the old part and it makes me unhappy that I am still partially stuck to it.

An unpleasant situation that sometimes appears to be hard to handle. I want nothing more than to continue… Read the rest

What is your name ?

When we are asked our name, we automatically respond by saying our given name, or a short version of our name. We forget, that our name actually has a meaning. Something is called out to us. We use our name as a verbal signature and respond to it accordingly.

As the years go by we travel through different aspects of our relationship with our name.

We either like it or we don’t, we think it fits us or we think it doesn’t, we might even prefer a different name for a while.

We go through all or at least some of these stages on our journey finding our personal identity.

Everything that shall ever be,… Read the rest