Child Birth

With one leg I am still in the old part, connected with my old consciousness, and with the other leg I am already in the new consciousness, where my involvement with it gets clearer and clearer. Within this new consciousness is where I am supposed to be.

The path which rises directly from my heart is where I must be, from here my true essence can be completely unfolded so I can do what I came here for.

Yet I am still not totally free from the old part and it makes me unhappy that I am still partially stuck to it.

An unpleasant situation that sometimes appears to be hard to handle. I want nothing more than to continue in the New consciousness and the newly discovered freedom within myself.

But in the birth canal movement is hardly possible. In the birth canal, I am totally dependent on my mother, on the awareness that brought me this far. I would love to cut the umbilical cord, as I have done often in the past, but somehow I feel that it is not the way to do this time.

How to do it, however, I don’t know. What I do know is that this delivery has its own tempo and rhythm, which I, little human being, can’t affect.

All I can do is remaining calm, staying balanced within myself and in the present moment. I use all my energy to be true to myself, under any circumstances, connected with my inner being, my inner child. That’s the only way I can be right now, staying in the here and now.

Depending on situations which arise every day and staying strongly connected to the feminine side, we need balancing. Balancing means to be in balance with the essence of the old consciousness. This implies that the very last patterns that impede the full access to myself have to be solved.

Anxiety, feelings of not being good enough, the feeling of having done something wrong, perhaps wrong actions, ect all these thoughts and convictions should definitely be released. Only than can I pull out my foot permanently of the past and connect totally with my true essence.

No, this process should certainly not go too fast, and it will not. I have to stop hurting myself by thinking that I can see the great picture and then try squeezing in my own plans.

Loyal, I do everything what’s coming on my path and this makes me stronger day by day. These are all reflections helping me in my releasing process. All gifts from heaven, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

The point is that I am integrating lovingly the essence of my old consciousness, lovingly, tenderly and peacefully. It is a time of devotion and an intense awareness of the ‘new’ abilities I carry inside of me and which open up and are available to me.

The great power that was pushing my train eagerly early this year has completely stopped. I am only experiencing the latest push until it stops and I can get out.

Now I am using the time to clean my train, my consciousness.

I need completely to get rid of the first patterns from my childhood which are blocking my true connection.

And now I take the help I get offered, even though I have not done that often in the past. My train needs to be clean so that no old karma can pull me down !

On some days it appears almost impossible to stay consciously in the here and now. It feels like something keeps me from that state of mind, there is no fresh air and I fall back.

On those days I am still too strongly connected with the old which is isolated and waiting in the corner to die. During these moments it feels like I lead a completely meaningless existence. My power is gone and I have a classical “system crash”. But this is only because I’m fatigued or have eaten unhealthy foods. These are currently the two largest poisons in life, almost unbelievable, but true.

Once again rested and starting a new day connected to the new consciousness, once again everything is evident. Miracles happen, there are people coming into my life that I could not have seen coming from a distance a few weeks ago. Groups created, lead by higher consciousness.

This is a miraculous time! I’ve already made my choices, now is about staying rooted in the heart. The essence is unfolding, the delivery will take place. So I give myself space and time and treat myself tenderly and lovingly. With every step I take I stay true to myself and can recognize how wonderful the new consciousness works. With a smile on my face, I welcome it.

Heaven wants nothing else but for us to become ourselves and so we shall be supported with everything. The light net is a very big plan in which each of us is important, everyone! We are not just here right now by coincidence, we are here because we are familiar with this time of transition and because we carry the right tool inside of us and we shall use them!

We extend hands to each other but do not interfere with each other. Those who hear, close the inner doors, clean up and peacefully rest in themselves. Confidently look forward to what is brought onto our path.

It is truly an incredible time and those who want to see it, will do so.

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