About me

My name is Heidrun Ernst-Herberth and I am an astrologer and a geomancer. I was born on the 30th of October 1964, in a German village in Transylvania. In 1972 I moved to Germany and when I was 26 years old I relocated to The Netherlands and moved back to Germany in 2018.
I have always been very interested in astrology and to experience harmony with nature and the cosmos, I decided in 1998 to take a two year course in geomancy.

My philosophy

I often compare life to a school fieldtrip that takes us from the heavens down to earth. In our backpack we can find everything we need for this trip. When it rains we have our umbrella and to go swimming we brought along our swimming gear. We can always trust that we have what we need with us. We parents don’t send our children off without filling their backpacks with everything they will need on their fieldtrip either. So you can just imagine how perfectly filled ours are, by the heavens.
It is very important that we realize this and start trusting that we have everything we need in our backpack, on our journey here on earth.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.