Unfold Yourself!

At times, life can be pretty confusing and then we can hardly understand mentally. We can’t see the situation clearly and don’t have a grasp on it. In those moments, through too much thinking, we create one thought labyrinth after another and often lose the common thread completely.

An exceptional challenge, especially during those times, is to relax and allow our rushed feeling water to cool down.

Of course, we want to understand everything and recognize the common ties; however no one has ever been able to see clearly through troubled water.

The best thing to do is to redirect our attention to topics that do not have anything to do with the situation.

Housework, gardening, singing, washing the car, reciting a series of numbers, etc. are excellent methods to remove the focus from this absorbing situation.

Numbers can create a direct disconnection

When thoughts are redirected the stillness that is needed for solving the problem is able to present itself. Often, when I want to close myself off from a problematic situation or person it draws me in even more and it takes a real effort to distance myself.

Thus far, I have practiced successful in focusing my mind on reciting long series of numbers, and do it so often that it is like a mantram. I do this long enough until I feel that I’ve been freed from the ethereal suction. Numbers can create a direct disconnection so that we can become ourselves again.

It is important that the ethereal bond is cut completely and a distance is created. Then we are able to  zoom out  and another perspective can manifest itself. Here we receive the  sudden  inspiration and all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Even though we may not always like what we get, we receive answers to our questions. It allows us to recognize the common thread so that we can develop a better understanding of the situation.


There are multiple forces busy to deter us from ourselves and keep us under their spell.
One of them is named Lucifer, the fallen angel, who would help us with our enlightenment but does this without any moral consideration. This force affects our mental field.

If we are too strongly attached, we do everything too quickly. Our mental processes have no opportunity to digest anything, let alone determine the essentials; thus, we remain dependent.


Another famous one of these forces we call the devil, Satan or ariman. This force focuses on the material area and provides us the matter we will digest.

The suction force for this is fairly strong and makes us believe that we have to serve it in order to survive. The intention here is to withdraw ourselves from this and take charge. If we are too strongly attached, then we let material things dominate and we’ll desire more and more.

Reptile energy

A lesser known, but no less strong force affects our emotional life. I do not know its name. I only know that in earlier times it was associated with reptile energy. This force suggests pity with us initially. It strengthens the feeling that we are not seen or appreciated and disturbs the natural connection with our heart.

Leaders of the earlier churches have allowed this force entry into our Sanctuary which turned religion completely upside down. Here we find the root of the problem that Jesus was removed from his humanity and positioned into an unattainable status for us.

For this force, mercy and respect are empty words that are used often but are untraceable in their actions. If we are too strongly attached to this force, we drown in our feeling water and blur our inner boundaries. Sympathizing with people is completely out of proportion and it makes us believe that the godly, unending energy loves us only when we embrace everything indiscriminately.

Unfold yourself

We have to learn to trust and develop our inner fire more and tune into it to completely connect ourselves with it.

Everything comes to us exactly when we need it; at the right time, place and sequence.

We don’t have to hurry; we won’t miss the opportunity.

Nothing will be kept from us.

We are prepared; everything in us is already present. We can trust in it.

The only thing we have to do is awake and unfold ourselves.

We are children from a godly, unending energy we name God. We’ve been made in love and through this we are always connected with love. Though everyone knows this, it always seems to be a challenge to remember and focus on this specific thought during troubling times.

Don’t continue to forget it again and again! Write your notes and tape them in areas where you can always see them and be truly convinced of it. No one on this planet wants to hurt us and no one wants us to suffer or die a martyr’s death.

School of Live

Life on earth is no punishment or sin we have to concur. Life on earth is the perfect experience so that we can recognize how our thoughts materialize; all our thoughts. It is genial and fantastic here; it is paradise – tune in to this! Life propels us always further and this is something that comes from within and causes us to want to express ourselves in the world, everyone in his/her own way.

A while back, I noticed the grapes in our backyard and noticed that the stalk where new leaves sprout is like a type of joint. At that point, the stalk is very breakable and it is the same with us. We are the most vulnerable and fragile at the point where we want to express something, where we want to introduce something into the world.

And the question then is do we tune into our inner voice, our intuition, or do we listen to the loud outside noise?

There is nothing wrong with all the various forces that we encounter here. We do not have to agree with them. We always have an option – always!  They don’t have any power over us unless we allow them.


Everywhere we focus our attention, we radiate light. If we touch something, light flows from our hands, and if we look at something our eyes radiate light. And it is this light that is important. It is loved among the uprooted forces. They cannot live without it and they make us believe that we need them. But it is the other way around they are totally dependent on us!

We have received all the power from our source and our free will is our birthright.

Our intuition is the perfect language that we speak with God, which is always calm and knowing and comes from within.

Intuition is thinking and feeling at exactly the same moment; often accompanied by an inner image that simultaneously can manifest itself in nature. Remember –  going inside and connect with the source to get in balance. Become calm and let the unexplained, nagging topic be.

‘I am’,  ‘I am’  –  remember? Think about the significance of your name and remember again. Don’t be afraid, unfold yourself and follow your own path. You are beautiful, you are important and you are light!

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