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There is silence as we say no more and there is another silence as we let go and relax our mind and be quiet. From the outside both look the same but there is a fundamental difference between the two.

Before we say anything an exchange take place on another level. All those many thoughts that precede a choice of words are very powerful and picked up very well by other people.

That is why it is so important that our thoughts match the words we choose.

When we use the wrong words we blur the communication field and we are no longer understood properly. The other one picks up a different impulse than the word we … Read the rest

Child Birth

With one leg I am still in the old part, connected with my old consciousness, and with the other leg I am already in the new consciousness, where my involvement with it gets clearer and clearer. Within this new consciousness is where I am supposed to be.

The path which rises directly from my heart is where I must be, from here my true essence can be completely unfolded so I can do what I came here for.

Yet I am still not totally free from the old part and it makes me unhappy that I am still partially stuck to it.

An unpleasant situation that sometimes appears to be hard to handle. I want nothing more than to continue… Read the rest

The Intention of Jesus The Christ

Jesus the Christ did not suffer for us nor sacrifice himself. Nor does He expect that from us. He planted a seed in our hearts so that we can become independent, free and responsible people.

We do not need an auto-pilot or an automatic operating system that lets our conciousness sleep, but we need to awaken and become self determining. Our soul needs to be steered by our inner light, balance and love to awaken our actions and conciousness.

He does not want us to suffer!

He came to help us on the path towards divine love, because we could not see. He gave us awakening, but we wanted to carry on sleeping. We … Read the rest